We are Vantage. We Climb Together.

After an amazing day at the ISA Sign Expo in Las Vegas, NV this year,
the entire show crew decided to make its way to Twin Peaks for food and celebration...and some serious competition.

If you know us at all, you know that we love to eat. We all sat down and started with plenty of appetizers from cheese sticks and poppers to chips with queso and Buffalo wings. We shared our stories, our jokes, and a plenty of pats on the back for a job well done. Then, it was on to the entrées with hamburgers, chicken-fried steaks, and sandwiches. After a big toast to a good day and an attempt to do the wave around the entire table, we all noticed a 40’ rock wall.

Well, that was it.

There was no way chicken grease or any amount of cheesy fries was going to stop us from this feat, and a handful of us tackled that wall while the rest of the team cheered us on from the balcony. With cell phones out taking a plethora of pictures and videos, everyone cheered and fist pumped their energy to push each team member to the top. It was a glorious experience for the Vantage crew.

Round One: David and Deacon. Who do you think won? Round Two to follow with Brian, Paul, and Sam!  And then Round Three with Ricky, Jeff, and Isidro!

See all the videos here:

After we conquered the food and the wall, we enjoyed the cool air of the bright Vegas strip. We walked down the sidewalk unified in our black FLEX YOUR MUSCLE T-shirts.

We Work Together, We Celebrate Together…We are Vantage. We Climb Together.