LightSpeed Local Media Software

Spencer Animal Hospital, Pasadena, TX
Traditional Full Color Series
25mm – 40 x 104 / 3’-7” x 8’-10” / 4K Pixels

LightSpeed™ is software that loads directly on the PC to completely control the LED display. It provides a host of feature-rich tools to create, schedule, and deliver content.

No Internet required. LightSpeed™ was developed to be the best of both worlds: user-friendly enough for the small business owner and feature-rich enough for the tech savvy marketing guru. By design, it is a breeze to install, and you can start sending messages to your display within minutes.

You can:

Use all Windows fonts & International languages.
Schedule messages from specific dates, individual days to years in advance.
Use our Hot Button feature to send out a quick or important message within seconds.
Overlay text, time, or temperature over a graphic or video instantly.
Place the Time & Temperature function anywhere on the display.
Upload pre-created graphics or videos made from any third party software.

LightSpeed™ LIVE Event Software includes our live video option for Scoreboards or Live Events with additional features. Learn more...

Drag and Drop
Picture or Video straight into the scheduler

Easy to Navigate User Interface
All in One combined Scheduler & Content Creator

Edit Multiple Schedule Entries
Play or Pause, Date & Time, Duration

Vast Array of File Types
(jpg, bmp, mov, swf, mpg, wmv, avi)

Frame Extractor
Extract still images from a movie to use as backgrounds for your messages.

Complete Schedule Export
Versatility & portability to work away from the display. Import the schedule to the sending computer for final send.

Live Video & Action Content for Events & Venues
Check out LightSpeed LIVE Event Software