Labor Warranty Program

Preferred Maintenance Company and Warranty Program Updates

On June 4, 2020 Preferred Maintenance Company (PMC) filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and notices were sent out to all creditors of PMC.  Many of our customers performed service labor for PMC under the labor warranty program and many questions have arised from this notice.

Vantage LED is committed to our customers and stands behind the products and services that we offer.  The 7 year on-site labor warranty program is intact, will be honored and will be continued.  We have contracted a new organization, Labor Stacks, to continue the operations and the program moving forward.

Vantage LED and Labor Stacks worked diligently to quickly transition as seamlessly as possible and has resumed service dispatch for warranty repairs.  The process and requirements for reporting warranty issues to Vantage LED, receiving parts or assignments is the same.

Labor Stacks utilizes the Work Market platform to route dispatch assignments for warranty repairs.  For those organizations that were using the Work Market platform already, there is no change in the process for you to accept, complete and receive payment for completed assignment.  For those organizations that were not using the Work Market Platform or were receiving assignments through Work Market but receiving payments by direct payment from PMC, Work Market support or Labor Stacks will be happy to assist in completing your Work Market account setup.  Moving forward, all assignments, approvals and payments will be made exclusively through the Work Market platform.

Vantage LED and Labor Stacks is also committed to growing the service network and making sure that you and your customers are serviced in a timely and professional manner.