Just Because…Pizza Pong

Pizza, Wings, and Pong. Why? …just because.
Yesterday, we decided to keep it chill and order some pizza and wings for lunch…and then we broke out the cups and ping pong balls. We can’t just eat and go back to work!?

Always competitive…
We randomly built teams by selecting numbers ending up with 12 teams! After some serious pizza pong, we had 3 teams tied for first. We couldn’t leave it like that, so the three teams lined up again.

Team 3 with Brian, Brandon, Omar and Mario.
Team 4 with Ricky, Chris, Ronald, and Adrian.
Team 12 with Jeff, Kyle A, Vanessa, and Darrin.

Team 12 was out first taking 3rd place. Team 3 stepped out with a 4 point lead ready to take the win, but then Chris from Team 12 (who only had one point), drains 3 shots bringing both teams to another first place tie.

Time for another...
After another round Team 3 lost, and our MVP was Ronald who sunk the game winning point. He also made points for his team in every round. Yes, the stats were carefully logged and recorded. That’s just how we roll. Never an ordinary experience.

We Eat Together. We Pong Together.