Is that Nicholas Cage?

Is it? It sure looks like him?
Kyle and Brian were driving back from a successful client meeting in Las Vegas. They pulled off exit 176 and stopped at the local Chevron to fill up. As they were chilling by the pump, they watched a white Corvette Stingray Z06 zoom in from the glorious sunset. A well-dressed gentleman in a white pin-stripped
suit jumped out. As he was casually filling his muscle car with gas...

Kyle wondered, “Is that Nicholas Cage?” The gentleman sure did have the mannerisms and the swagger like the man from 'National Treasure' and 'The Rock'.

Brian chimed in, "It sure does look like him. I believe that's him!"

The well-dressed man jumped back into his white corvette and revved up the horses. Kyle and Brian figured they would never know. Well, as Brian was walking towards the gas station to grab a drink, the corvette parked alongside him, and the unmasked man jumped out saying...

"Hey, how are you doing? You guys having a good time?" the classic Nicholas Cage style that couldn't be duplicated. Brian yelled, "I knew it was you!" Mr. Cage smiled as he went into the store, and Kyle immediately started texting everyone, "You won't believe this..."

Yes, that was the one and only, Nicholas Cage.