Vantage LED Pays It Forward By Going ESOP


Vantage LED, manufacturer of innovative LED displays in Ontario, California recently announced that is has converted to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

"We Got Your Back" is an intimate statement that has been a mantra for Vantage LED since its inception in 2003. The entire team behind Vantage LED knew by putting their people and partners first, everything else would fall into place. After returning from the 2016 ISA Expo in Orlando, Florida, Founder and CEO, Chris Ma, announced to his entire team that he has "got their back" by officially converting Vantage LED to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Chris Ma stated, "The Company is nothing without its people. As such, it's time to take care of the people who make Vantage LED so extraordinary."

The Vantage LED ESOP will be implemented in phases. By year end 2016, the entire team will own 5% of Vantage LED. By year end 2017, the entire team will own 30% of the company. Within 5 years, 100% of the company will be employee owned. And the best part, the employees are part of the ESOP without having to contribute a single penny. All they have to contribute is what they have doing all this time: their passion, their energy, and their commitment to excellence.

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