Raven FLEX Grayscale LED Sign Series

Bowie High School, Austin, TX

Raven™ FLEX Grayscale Series
24mm 40 x 150 / 3’-12” x 11’-10”
“The Raven™ FLEX Grayscale series provides a solid and effective way for churches and schools to share their important messages with their community.”
- James Anderson, Sales Team

Raven™ FLEX Grayscale Series

The FLEX Series is designed and built to grow with your organization.
All our available pitches from 10mm to 24mm fit into one universal module size featuring our FLEX240 LED Module.

Future Proof: Our brilliant full color displays connect with your target audience everyday with dynamic content to help increase traffic and boost sales. As you grow, the Flex Series grows with you, giving you the flexibility to upgrade to a higher resolution (or to full color) by simply swapping out the modules in the field; no need to install a whole new display or get a new sign permit.

Standard 7 yr Parts Warranty & 7 yr Onsite Service...& 1 yr of Custom Content Creation.

Featuring our FLEX240 LED MODULE:

All our available pitches from 10mm to 24mm fit into one universal module size (240mm x 240mm)(9.45" x 9.45").

This unique module does not lock your client into a specific pitch or color for the lifetime of their display. If they want to upgrade from 24mm to 10mm or from grayscale to full color, future proof this cost by just upgrading the modules and the power supplies; no need to install a whole new display or get a new sign permit.

Colors Available: Red or Amber

Pitches available in our FLEX240 LED Module:

DIP Modules
(Diode In Place)

Recommended Pitch vs Viewing Distance:

Software Packages:

SM Infinity™ Cloud-Based Software

Cloud-based software allows the user to completely control their LED sign from any internet-connect device (PC, Mac, iPad, or Mobile). Anytime. Anywhere.
- Professional Custom Content available to make the user's marketing pop, increase traffic, sales and return on investment.
- Create Content with Doodle™
- Create/Edit Schedules
- Manage Multiple Users
- Amber Alerts help alert community automatically.
- Conditional Smart Messaging triggers a specific message based on conditions, like weather.
- Reporting

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LightSpeed™ Local Media Software

Our local operating software loads directly on the PC to operate the LED display. A good solution if the user does not have Internet available for SM Infinity.
- Create Content
- Overlay text easily over graphic or video
- Create/Edit Schedules
- Use all Windows Fonts
- International Languages
- Hot Button for Quick Messages

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LightSpeedLIVE Event Software

Bring any sporting or event venue to life by commanding live video, advertisements, and quick action content to your video display with a simple and open interface.
- Zones to display varying content
- Integrated Scaler Controls
- Easy Playlists for Advertising
- Hot Buttons for Quick Action Plays
keeps current schedule intact.
- Live Outside Feeds (Blu-Ray, Cameras)

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