Dynamic FLEX240 LED Modules

“What we want to provide is the fact that we design and manufacture here, we customize the product if they need it, and to provide that excellent experience; treat everyone the same, no matter if they are a first time buyer or have been with us for a long time.”

- Kyle Carnes, Design & Integration

With the best resolutions, comes the best options.
We revisited the common LED module and made it...flexible.
Our FLEX240 module features all our pitches in one universal module size.

Phoenix™ FLEX Full Color Series (pictured above) is available from 5mm - 24mm pitch
Raven™ FLEX Grayscale Series is available from 10mm - 24mm pitch.

Future Proof
The FLEX240 module makes it easy to upgrade and not be “locked down” to the pitch or color of your display.

Today: If your client doesn’t have the budget for a tighter pitch, they can begin with a lower resolution, such as a 24mm pitch, and start reaping the benefits of advertising with an LED display. They could start with a single color display and upgrade to a full color display.
Later: As their business grows, they can upgrade to a tighter pitch, such as a 10mm, (or upgrade to full color) enhancing their advertising, displaying success, and refreshing their image in their community.


As your client’s business grows,
so can their display resolution.

Easily upgrade a 24mm display
to a 10mm display.


2 Years Later

Ultra Low Power
Our redesigned power configuration and hardware provides a lower power consumption, requiring 30% of power when compared to leading manufacturers! This reduces the electrical pull significantly resulting in lower operating costs and the flexibility to use solar power.

Power Calculation: Watts times Matrix divided by Voltage = Amps for display
For Example: Standard 20mm, 48 x 96 display would only pull 4 amps per face.
(48*96 = 4,608 * 0.105 = 483.84/120VAC = 4.03 Amps/face maximum power)

Overall Ease and Simplicity
Traditionally, you would have to replace the entire LED display if you wanted to upgrade to a better resolution. Now, you can avoid uninstalling/reinstalling costs and having to worry about a new permit by simply installing new modules.

Upgrading the display to a higher resolution will require additional power supplies. All other internal and external components will be forward and backwards compatible.

See our pixel matrix chart for Common Size Displays

The Dynamic FLEX240 LED Module.

There’s nothing common about it.