why advertise with LED displays?

your ads directly to your audience

It's a One-Time Investment for On-Premise Targeted Advertising that advertises & brands your organization
with custom content that speaks to your community about
WHO you are, WHAT you do, and HOW you do it better.
You can change your messaging as often as you like
from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

...when compared to

Print, Radio, and TV advertising at a one-time expense
for an ad that does not change and only appears once
and costs more per exposure to a broader audience
that, hopefully, is interested in your organization,
sees or hears your ad,
and knows where you are located.

...to sum up how effective LED displays are...

An LED display is advertising directly to the people passing your business everyday.
It is very personable, offers dynamic information, and invokes impulse action or purchasing.
By keeping your messages fresh and interesting, your sign will be a landmark in your community;
a sign that everyone will look forward to seeing everyday.
Read some helpful articles below:

what you get when you purchase from us.


We understand for some clients that this can be a large investment, but it is an investment that has proven to increase business;
therefore, we guide you through every step to provide an effective solution:

  • Site Analysis
  • Sign Code Interpretation
  • Cost-Effective Sign Design
  • Project Management (Production & Installation)
  • Custom Content Creation
  • Real Human Training & Support


Access Anytime from Anywhere.
Completely control your LED display over the Internet from any PC, Mac, and even your iPad to request content, add/edit your schedule, add multiple users, or create a quick message.

Cloud-based software is included which has a message editor and scheduling, but it also gives you online access to a team of professional designers who can create personalized & tailored messages to make your advertising pop on your LED sign increasing traffic, sales, and return on your investment.

The beauty of cloud-based software is you’re always using the latest version, plus we can seamlessly add updates and features (read more below).


We offer:
7 yr comprehensive parts warranty,
7 yrs of on-site part replacement service,
& 1 yr of custom content creation
for complete peace of mind ownership, and to make sure your LED sign is effective to spur growth.

Lightning & Vandalism Protection up to $10,000. It happens, & we want to ease this burden.

Automated Amber & Weather Alerts. Your community is important, and your LED sign can be a safety & alert beacon. Simply enable Emergency Alerts, and they will display automatically when active.

USA-Based Quality Manufacturing & Support. ISO9001 Certied.


After all the dust settles, not only can you rely on your LED display to perform, we will be here to support you during the ownership of your LED display.

You’re never locked down to the display you purchased.
Upgrade from grayscale to full color, or to a higher resolution display in the field by simply swapping out the modules.

Ultra Low Power Consumption will save you money. Our power supplies are coated to further protect the electronics, & our displays require 70% less power compared to the competition.

let's build your LED message display

Grow with our FLEX LED Sign Series

The FLEX Series is designed to grow with your organization.
All our available pitches from 5mm to 24mm fit into one universal module size.
Available in FULL COLOR or GRAYSCALE (Red or Amber).

Upgrade Easily: Our brilliant LED displays connect with your target audience everyday with dynamic content to help increase traffic and boost sales. As you grow, the Flex Series grow with you, giving you the flexibility to upgrade to a higher resolution or to full color by simply swapping out the FLEX-V LED modules and adding power supplies; no need to install a whole new display or get a new sign permit.

Ultra Low Power: Our redesigned power configuration and hardware provides significantly lower power consumption; requiring 70% of less power when compared to leading manufacturers. Ultra-low power means you can have the display installed on an existing low amp circuit, or the flexibility to use solar power.

As your business grows,
so can your LED display.
Easily upgrade your existing 24mm display
to a 12mm higher resolution display.

24mm - 50 x 100 pixel matrix - 5000 pixels

2 Years Later
12mm - 100 x 200 pixel matrix - 20,000 pixels

Display Resolution vs Viewing Distance

We will work with you to determine the proper resolution (or pitch) as well as size for your location,
but below is a chart of pitch vs viewing distance.

Around 50 ft
(Good for walking traffic)
50-100 ft 100-250 ft 250+ ft
Resolution (Pitch) 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 16mm 20mm 24mm
Module Matrix
(Building Block)
48x48 40x40 30x30 24x24 20x20 15x15 12x12 10x10
Pixels Per
Sq Foot (Density)
3,716 2,581 1,452 929 645 363 232 161
(Per Module)
9.45"x9.45" 9.45"x9.45" 9.45"x9.45" 9.45"x9.45" 9.45"x9.45" 9.45"x9.45" 9.45"x9.45" 9.45"x9.45"

your powerful cloud-based software

What is cloud-based software?

It’s software that resides on the Internet (not your PC) that you can access through a secure Internet connection. There is no software to load, no other PC to sync with, no CDs to keep track of, and you're always using the latest version, plus all your content and schedules are organized securely online and backed up daily.

How do I use it?

Simply login securely at www.sminfinity.com and start controlling the LED sign from any PC or Mac connected to the Internet, or simply launch our mobile app on an iPad or iPad mini, or use any other mobile tablet via its internet browser.

What makes it different?

SM Infinity™ is the only software to have the personal attention of professional graphic designers standing by via an integrated request form to create custom dynamic content specifically for your LED sign, or use Doodle™, our online message editor for a quick message, or upload any graphics/animations you created.

Is it better?

Most operating software restricted to one computer via a verification code or a dongle key and demands you to learn the software, be the graphic artist, and send messages with little to no help. Our software allows multiple permission-based users who can operate the LED sign from any computer... anytime, anywhere.

Control... anytime, anywhere.


Create & Send custom messages fast, like a quick birthday, an instant sale, or newly arrived inventory. You can pick a background color or import an image, overlay text, and send it instantly to your LED sign.

Community Safety & Awareness

Enable your LED display to automatically show Amber Alerts or severe weather warnings to help alert your community.

  • Amber Alerts
  • Severe Weather Warnings
  • Local & Federal Alerts
  • Integrated with IPAWS (www.fema.gov/ipaws)

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